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SMG Foundation can reignite a sport that has provided a successful foundation to so many athletes and provide brand new opportunities for young men looking to enhance their lives and athleticism through strength, discipline and determination. 


Our Mission

  • To educate the public about the sport of men’s gymnastics at a pre-collegiate level     


  • To encourage enrollment at men’s gymnastics clubs across the country.


  • To increase passion and eagerness for boys to choose Men’s Gymnastics as their #1 sport.


  • To support accomplished athletes and determined coaches in Men’s Gymnastics


What we are doing

  • Fundraising through merchandise sales and membership

  • Implementing a membership organization which will incorporate educational and inspirational zoom events

  • Aiding with virtual meets during times of Covid restrictions

  • Igniting excitement and educating parents about the value of choosing the sport of Men’s Gymnastics

  • Promote coaching  clinics for Junior Olympics (JO) coaches (from compulsory through optional levels)

  • Planning events to educate members about collegiate track options

  • Setting up a scholarship funds for those interested in growing the sport of Men’s Gymnastics

Warning Gymnast, could flip at any time!

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